What is a WordPress?

This platform has been known for years and it has a lot of users. If you are into writing online, you must have heard WordPress since it is one of top blogs. In addition, it allows you to make your own website. It simplifies people who want to make a website, but don’t want to pay for that. Even though, you have to pay for some money if you want to go with the WordPress.com. Now, let’s dig deeper the information about this platform.


Learn More about WordPress


You have been given a brief overview about WordPress. In this section, let’s talk more about the platform. As mentioned above, you can make your own website with a help of this platform. Everyone is able to use and even modify the software with no money at all. You do not need to know programming in order to make a website. Furthermore, you can create various website using this platform. For example, you can create eCommerce stores, portfolios, forums, membership sites, business websites, blogs, resumes, social networks, and many more.


Now, have you known that there are WordPress.org and WordPress.com? Do you know the difference between those two? As information, there are two domains. They are different in some ways. In short, WordPress.org is a free platform that you can use. It is also called as self-hosted WordPress. Another version is the paid version for profit. Although it is simple, it has lesser flexibility compared to the first version.


Moreover, users can be big businesses, individuals, and more. In addition, the famous entities even use WordPress to power their website. Who are they? You can mention Microsoft, Whitehouse.gov, and also The Rolling Stone website. It is incredible, right? If you are interested in using this platform, here are reasons why you should use this. Check them out below.


  • Users friendly

The phrase “users friendly” seems to be common reason that refers to software. Indeed, technology users believe that it is important that the applications are users friendly. WordPress is like that. You can install it easily and create a website that you need. Again, the tools that are provided are easy to understand and use. It is very friendly to those who are completely beginners.


  • Free to have

As mentioned above, it is free for you who want to create website using this platform. This is what moves people to use it massively. You can enjoy all the features that are offered. Additionally, it is also open-source software. There are various plugins and themes you can select anytime.


  • This platform is extensible

As mentioned before, you can modify your website. The modification is supported by the existence of plugins and themes.


If you think that it is quite difficult in the beginning, it is totally fine. You can still go to the help section provided by WordPress and look for solutions of things that confuse you. What do you think by now? Are you ready to use WordPress? You should have been ready for this.