Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Talking about websites, it cannot be separated from the choice of hosting. Hosting will always be needed by the website to make it run and able to be accessed. Related to the hosting, there are Linux hosting and Windows hosting that becomes two dominant platforms. These two are popular and dominants because of functions and performance. When you are going to choose suitable hosting, it is better to make such comparisons between these two platforms of hosting.

Comparison between Linux and Windows Hosting

Windows and Linux hosting are so popular, yet it does not mean that these two are similar. There are some differences and they are what you are going to consider in choosing the suitable hosting. The differences cover many fields, starting from operating system to security system.   

  1. Operating system

Operating system becomes obvious differences. This is because both of them are talking about the system running in servers. From the interface, Windows may be more popular and easy to use since people have been so familiar with this operating system. Therefore, those who have worked with Windows may get shocked when migrating to Linux. On contrary, Linux users will find that Windows interface is easier and simpler.

However, when it comes to the costs, Linux can be better as it is an open source. People can use this operating system for free. This is different from Windows that must be purchased to get licenses. For its compatibility, the apps running in Windows cannot work in Linux and Linux’s apps cannot work in Windows platform.

  1. Functions in hosting and server

In term of function and uses, Linux Hosting can be better option. This platform has been equipped with complete tools that will make users able to manage the web easily. This is quite different from Windows Hosting that still need accesses to server whenever you need to access software.

  1. Security

Security feature is important in web hosting and server. There are many risks that can appear and attack the servers and websites. Talking about the attacks, so far it is proven that Linux is stronger, but Windows hosting is quite vulnerable. Linux is also supported by great reliability that enables many big updates and changes to be done without rebooting the system. In other words, the system of Linux can keep working, and rebooting is not necessary to apply some updates and changes. These are quite different from Windows that always require rebooting.

Those are some comparisons and differences between Linux and Windows hosting. Based on the points of comparisons, Linux may be better choices, especially for those who have got experiences and knowledge in working with hosting and server. Yet, for you who are still beginner, Windows offers easier interface that can be accessed without difficulties. However, when it comes to security and reliability, Linux is better than Windows. By considering those points, you may have better points to determine. In case you are going to make business and websites with some developers to work on it, Linux will be a better choice for your hosting.