Why You Should Go to HTTPS from HTTP

Why You Should Go to HTTPS from HTTP

If you access website, you will see lock icon at address bar on browser. After you click it, there is signature and information that explains the website is secure. In website domain, you see additional https before the domain name itself. On next tab, you can open another website, but the icon is unlocked and no https but http. What is difference in that name? Why you should go to https from http? The answers are explained in the following sections.

Knowing Deeper about Https and Http Protocol

HTTP is hypertext transfer protocol that helps to communicate between client, browser, and server. This protocol recognizes what client requests then sends the task via browser to server. After receiving the task, the server sends package to client that’s displayed in browser. This is common type of communication in internet. On the other side, there is a risk for sniffing from outsider while the package is transferring. To secure through reliable certificate, you need to change http into https.

  1. Http and https

Both have the same basic function, but https is better in term of transferring data and user authorization. The word S after http means secure. At beginning, communication protocol relied on SSL to connect between client and server. However, this technology was lack of security measure, especially for transferring sensitive data. Therefore, SSL is upgraded to be TSL or Transport Layer Security for https. SSL only works on socket, but TSL will control the road to ensure the data is secured while transferring from server to client and vice versa.

  • Security and capability

As it mentioned above, https is better in term of security aspect. For your information, technology was developed to apply in financial transaction. When you access bank account, the protocol is specific, and no one can see your activity even for ISP. Based on this idea, that security protocol is expanded into wide and vast implementation at common website.

  • Authorized certificate

You may create website, but there is no https in your domain. In order to obtain https and locked icon, your website and domain needs authorized certificate. In simple term, you should apply to get https because security protocol is not free. In fact, this is the reason why most websites still have http instead of https. Technology to secure data and communication comes from proprietary source. However, several organizations provide free limited TSL certificate to websites.

  • Update technology

Old browser cannot encrypt the date from TSL and https. If you still have them, it is strongly recommended to update immediately. Moreover, internet technology advanced significantly, and https extends its capability on mobile application. Therefore, you need to adjust with the latest technology to survive.

Having https is better than http without losing the website capability. If your website provides sensitive information and high-risk data, https is the best way to secure it. You invest at first but receive benefits for long term. The certificate is updated regularly in order to keep everything in secure level. That’s why https becomes more common for today website. For the old ones, changing is inevitable that has to be considered to keep the users and viewers.