What is a mojoPortal CMS?

Many people wondering any better way to build an advanced website. You may need content management system with an ease of access, relevant tools, useful plugins of application and flexible skin customization. Well, mojoPortal is one of free open source CMS platforms. Written in C# programming language, mojoPortal provides rich portal solutions with the level of technical knowledge. This cost-saving CMS also gives better experience at controlling website.

The Advantages of mojoPortal CMS Features

MojoPortal simple management gives an ease of access to any type of user, whether for professional usage, simple blog, or development purpose. It comes with major features to optimize and organize website that will be explained at below section.

  1. Role-based security

With mojoPortal, user can control their role to the website, separate the access of control for viewing or editing contents, and manage per pages. The setting of role-based security will determine user control and give users a better experience of safer controls for website.


  1. Easy content creation

Moreover, each of content you made could be optimized. You can format it, add picture or video, and publish it very easily. Everything inside the web is under your reach. So far, we have contents planned. MojoPortal content editor will help to optimize the interactive contents.


  1. Flexible pages and menus

Editing pages and menus become easy and resulting interactive visuals because of its availability to adjust into web skins. The scale of our website pages and menus wouldn’t be much trouble because of the drag-drop page manager that makes editing become simple.


  1. Content history

With mojoPortal, one content mistake would not be a major problem. This CMS has a content history system that works like a system back up if there is any mistake. We can back up contents into the previous format and compare the old one and newer version.


  1. Search engine optimization

MojoPortal content creator and editing are built in equipped with SEO. Therefore, the contents come out clean and sleek with semantic markup. It’s made our contents optimized for search engine and makes it easy to look through a search engine.


  1. Language Localization

MojoPortal supported into 10 different languages, and developer open to work on the language that does not support into the web. The more diverse the user, there’s bigger possibility for more language to be added.


  1. Internal site search

This allowed your content to get indexed inside internal search service. It gives users an easy access to their contents and everyone else without relying on a bigger search engine.


  1. Content template

The flexibility of mojoPortal allows you saving more times to create a content template from the regular layout.

Well, there are much more useful features we could find in mojoPortal to build an advanced website under simple managing. This CMS always makes sure to stay updated with the latest technology. It also makes your website a mobile-friendly and cross portal site under simple maintenance. It is possible to build an advanced website under its comprehensive features and function.