Top 5 Features of WordPress

WordPress is believed to be versatile and powerful software nowadays. Indeed, it offers something that’s very astonishing: free website creation. What will be better about it? Technology is growing rapidly that you might not realize how far it has moved forward. It seems that there is always something new every single day. It is no doubt as you live in technology era. People are competing to sell stuff, share information, discuss issues, and more through website. This is what WordPress can provide people’s needs: powering website.


Knowing What Features to Be Featured In Your Website


WordPress is not that different compared to other software. It has features that enable users to explore more. All of them are worth to try if you are curious about what they look like in your website. However, it is best to look for the explanation of each feature. It can help you decide what features to be featured in the website.


You may ask why many people love this software. Firstly, it is easy to use, even for the beginners. In addition, you can use all of the features for free. Yes, you are not mistaken since it is free to create website that’s powered by WordPress. Speaking of features, here are top five features of the software.


  1. Fast page load

WordPress enables users to load their website fast. This is what people love for sure. There are many websites that load very slowly. In order to avoid this inconvenience, this software has content delivery networks, proxy servers, disk caching, and database. All of them are combined that it makes the users can access the website fast. It is such a good way.


  1. Website maintenance plan

It is no doubt that there are people who intend to hack website created by WordPress. As you can see, WordPress is used by huge number of people. This is what make this software is targeted to be hacked. Therefore, the website maintenance plan is necessary when it comes to things that are connected online. In order to give full protection to users, WordPress has automated SSL certificates, automatic backups, threat detection, and global CDN certificate.


  1. Google search console

Have you heard this before? Well, you should have heard it by now. This is a service that enables you to see you website’s ranking, flagged issues, and site health. This is one of best features you must use.


  1. Google analytics tracking

This feature will show the number of visitors, and their actions. It is important to have, moreover if your writing is about reviews. At least, you need to know what the visitors do in your website.


  1. SEO optimization

This one is a must-installed-feature. It can help boosting the website to the very first page of Google search. It will be great if your websites can be seen by many people, right?


That’s all the top features that you must try in your website. All of them are useful when you are having a website. Hope it can inspire you.