How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

For a company, website plays important roles, especially for marketing. Many information and updates can be posted or published in the websites, so this becomes easy platform and accesses for company and customers to keep in touch. Related to this, the website must be good and accessible. It should be always easy to open whenever people want to see the contents. To make this happens, good hosting and server are needed since it will be useless to have great design but not supported by hosting and server. Well, there are many options of hosting, and at least people can choose Linux-based and Windows-based. Both of them are popular, but when talking about better efficiency, Linux hosting is better.

Some Ways to Save Costs by Using Linux Hosting

Some people may have questions related to the choice of Linux hosting. The reason lies in the main characteristic of Linux. This is quite different from Windows since Linux uses open source for operating system. Therefore, it can be more effective and affordable since company does not need to by license for the operating system. Moreover, Linux is supported by free applications and software. Almost all its software and apps can be accessed for free. This may be different from Windows that requires users to buy some applications.

Well, it is clear that Linux hosting can be more affordable. However, actually there are still some ways to save the costs. In fact, the costs of Linux hosting can still be lower with efficiency. Of course, this is very suitable for company that always needs efficiency to create bigger profits. There are some ways to do that can be interesting things to pay attention.

  1. Upgrade and modernize the mainframe

Linux always provides updates for free; yet updating its operating system is not enough. When this works for hosting and website, it is important to upgrade the mainframe applications. After all have been migrated to Linux, it is time to modernize and upgrade the core applications. These are needed since the upgraded version provides better performances with higher efficiency.

  1. Run in automation

When the mainframe apps are modernized, now you can automate the mainframe and other infrastructure of the hosting. By doing this, there will be less people to work on the server and hosting. Automation is like the important key for saving the costs. Of course, this still also needs maintenance, but will not be too complicated.

  1. Find web hosting with longer period

Then, the next point is to find longer period of hosting service. There are many providers of Linux hosting, so it is tricky to find the most affordable one. Compared to Windows hosting, Linux may be cheaper, but there are still competitiveness in those providers. You need to consider well about period of services along with features, like RAM, speed, bandwidth and other things.

Those are the points related to Linux hosting and ways to save the costs. There are some points to consider by company, so the expenses for hosting and website can be more efficient. These points are just some of the tips, but will be useful to save costs.