Increase the Website Security with Bitninja

Increasing Website Hosting Security with Bitninja

Website Hosting security become big issues. As the growth of websites and services by using internet connections, the threats and problems also grow. Because of this condition, common protection will not be strong and effective enough to protect or fight against some serious threats. So far, there are many facts showing these. That’s why there is big demand of better security and protection for website. In this case, there is BitNinja to offer the services.

Some features of Protection from BitNinja

It is one of the new security providers for websites and domains. Recently, there are many providers and website owners who start to use the service from BitNinja. Of course, these are caused by great performance of this security provider. It has great anti-malware that makes it perfect in dealing with threats. There are also some defense and protection mechanisms. All of the features are offered some points.

  1. Scan and sweeps malicious malwares

This does not seem special. It is because other security and anti-malware providers also do the same mechanism in dealing with threats and malware. However, it involves different mechanism and it is proven more effective in detecting and cleaning the malware and viruses.

In dealing with the threats, the feature involves mechanism of honeypot. It does not simply scan, detect, and delete the malwares. However, it can also lure the attackers, so it is harder to break the security systems. These are very useful for the sake of protection and preventions. Even, this provider is able to create a system that can block the IPs. Therefore, some recognized and potential malicious IPs will not get access and blocked.

  • Malware Removal

After scanning, detecting, and building protection, of course it should also have good system to remove the malware. In this case, BitNinja provides the system that does not only focus on the removal process, but it also keeps updating the database and malware definitions for further detections. The process runs automatically in the background. However, it still can be managed and the processes can be conducted manually.

  • Creating Firewall

It is not just a simple firewall that can be attacked easily. The firewall gives full protection from the malware and other threats. Moreover, the system also scans and monitors various server logs and providers to know the potential threats.

  • Checking and Valuing the IP Reputation

Compared to other features, it is one of the best one. The system and mechanism from BitNinja is able to check and monitor the CAPTCHA. This is the effective way to prevent the bots in taking controls and detecting the fake or malicious sites. Moreover, the system creates database from all server protected by BitNinja. By creating database and collecting the data, all information of attackers can be obtained to create prevention and list of reputation. These reputations will determine the actions conducted by the BitNinja.

  • Protection in the DoS Level

This is the last feature. The system creates DoS detection and establishes the proper protection based on the scanning and analysis. There is also Antiflood as another defense mechanism. This will make sure the attackers cannot spot the weakness of BitNinja system, so it is hard to get the system infiltrated. Those are some mechanisms created by BitNinja in protecting the websites and hostings. Servers can be fully secured because of those layers of features. With all of these benefits, there will be no threats and malware to worry about.