Am I Eligible?

Am I eligible for NC Food Assistance?

To get Food & Nutrition Services (FNS), your household must meet income limits.  The Department of Social Services (DSS) office will tell you which income limits your household must meet.

Income limits are updated every year.  If your income was too high in the past, please look at the table below to see if you might be able to get FNS now.  (Table updated October 1, 2014)

Income Limits

People in household

200% Gross Income

130% Gross Income

Net Income




$ 973






























North Carolina no longer uses the resource limit test for most households.  The DSS office will tell you if your household has to meet a resource limit test.  You may be able to get FNS even if you own a home, car, land, property, or have a retirement plan or money in the bank.

To find out if you are eligible, fill out an application and return it to your county’s DSS office.  Click here to find your county’s DSS office.  You can also fill out and submit the application online.

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