Difference between Sitecore and Orchard CMS

When it comes to content management system, what platform do you usually use? As you know, there are several popular platforms that can be used to manage and modify digital content. What is actually content management system? According to the meaning, CMS is a management system which can be used to manage creation and modification of digital content. It usually supports multiple users. CMS offers wide features including format management, web-based publishing, indexing, history editing, and so on. Not to mention the natural function to separate content and presentation.

Among many CMS platforms, Sitecore and Orchard are two of them. Both Sitecore and Orchard come with different characteristics and features, allowing the users to choose one according to their preferences. What are the difference between Sitecore and Orchard content management system? Check this out.

Sitecore vs. Orchard Content Management System

When determining the differences, it cannot be separated from taking specific aspect to differentiate. The aspect includes web categories, market share, and geography. Here are the difference between Sitecore and Orchard as CMS platforms:

  1. Web categories

The first determiner is web categories. Sitecore is known as leading platform that enables the users to perform many things to the website. It is not a surprise to find out Sitecore has better usage in coverage, specifically in website categories. Sitecore has been used for several industries including health, finance, business and industry, shopping, and other categories. Meanwhile, Orchard is a popular platform which is mostly used in programming, performing arts, biking and cycling, mobile developers, and other categories. Even though Orchard is less popular compared to Sitecore, it does not mean this platform offers less quality.


  1. Geography

Statistic shows that Sitecore is a leading CMS platform mostly used worldwide including United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Australia, and many other countries. Needless to say, this platform is a prominent option for website developer since it offers a lot of features and convenience. Orchard needs to accept the fact that it is not as popular as Sitecore. And yet, Orchard remains a leading platform in several countries such as Belarus, Latvia, Iran, and other countries.


  1. Market share

Which platform do you think most commonly used by top websites? Yes, the answer is Sitecore. This leading CMS platform is used in top 100K sites, even top 10K sites. On the other hand, Orchard is far behind Sitecore in all market shares. According to statistics, Orchard is only used as much as 0.02% in top 10K sites while Sitecore reaches 0.23%.

Regardless the fact that Sitecore is a leading platform mostly used throughout the world, the users should know that this platform costs money. It is not surprising since Sitecore provides high quality CMS for large organizations worldwide. Whenever you wish to have free platform, Orchard is the best solution to go. Especially if you are a newbie, Orchard is more than enough. In short, with several features to modify and improve digital content, both Sitecore and Orchard are preferable. Simply know your preferences and you will be able to choose one.