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Looking for Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting?

Why should share a server while you can have one dedicated to your business? Instead of sharing a server, this option is much preferable for some reasons. With dedicated one, you are allowed to concentrate of what you are going to build. The server space provided by hosting provided is commonly offered in different rates ranging from $45 up to $250. The rate depends on the size as well as extra things that you probably need for the business.

What is the difference between shared server and dedicated server? Typically dedicated server requires a lot of storage as well as power, especially if you build an enterprise website. It also uses different processor servers. The more processor you have, the more power you need. Dedicating hosting also provides some features including control panels, security software, applications, malware scanning, and many others. If you are looking for powerful dedicated server hosting, this is the right place for you.

Recommended Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Talking about dedicated server hosting, there are several choices to go. Each provider comes with plus and minus that can be listed as your consideration. Now, make your list of preference and decide whether or not these dedicated server provider are worth-choosing.

  1. Seekdotnet

Seekdotnet  provides both Windows-based and Linux-based dedicated server. There are many benefits that you can get web getting a dedicated server hosting with Seekdotnet. This hosting provider has different plans and configurations that can be chosen according to your need, such as single processor and multi processors Dedicated Server. When purchasing plan from Seekdotnet, 24/7 Livechat Customer Service are included for free.

  1. HostGator

Another dedicated server provider which is popular throughout the world is HostGator. It comes with hosting options which can meet your requirements. The hosting provider offers several features including data transfers, RAM, and SSD storage. Good news, it also supports unlimited data transfer which is better compared to the other hosting provider. HostGator provides Linux and Windows dedicated server. It also allows you to customize the language. About the price, HostGator is more affordable with Value Server plan which starts from $119 per month up to Enterprise Server plan that starts at $149.

  1. InMotion
    Whenever you are looking for dedicated server hosting with huge storage, InMotion is what you are looking for. InMotion provides hosting server with 3TB of storage which operates with Linux-based web server. Another impressive thing is the fact that InMotion provides 64GB of RAM while the other providers only run with 16GB. Talking about the price, this hosting provider offers affordable price starting from $99.99 per month for Essential Plan. The most expensive plan starts at $229.99 per month with Elite Plan.

    Which dedicated server provider will work best for you? Before fall your decision, set up your preference and needs. If you do, you will find it is easier to choose hosting server that meets your requirements.

  2. Liquid Web
    Liquid web provides both Windows-based and Linux-based dedicated server. There are many benefits that you can get, the most important is Liquid web does not offer shared hosting therefore all plans you purchase are dedicated hosting. This hosting provider has different plans and configurations that can be chosen according to your need, such as single processor that starts at $199 per month to high-end which rates at $859 per month. When purchasing plan from Liquid Web, it is a peace of mind because you can get 24/7 customer support.
  3. Jakartawebhosting
    As a special mention, if you need dedicated server hosting from Asia region such as singapore and Indonesia, we can recommend Jakartawebhosting dedicated server hosting . Similar as the above hosting provider they also provides both Windows-based and Linux-based dedicated server. All hosting comes with 24/7  customer support  via phone, ticketing and live chat

Difference between Sitecore and Orchard CMS

When it comes to content management system, what platform do you usually use? As you know, there are several popular platforms that can be used to manage and modify digital content. What is actually content management system? According to the meaning, CMS is a management system which can be used to manage creation and modification of digital content. It usually supports multiple users. CMS offers wide features including format management, web-based publishing, indexing, history editing, and so on. Not to mention the natural function to separate content and presentation.

Among many CMS platforms, Sitecore and Orchard are two of them. Both Sitecore and Orchard come with different characteristics and features, allowing the users to choose one according to their preferences. What are the difference between Sitecore and Orchard content management system? Check this out.

Sitecore vs. Orchard Content Management System

When determining the differences, it cannot be separated from taking specific aspect to differentiate. The aspect includes web categories, market share, and geography. Here are the difference between Sitecore and Orchard as CMS platforms:

  1. Web categories

The first determiner is web categories. Sitecore is known as leading platform that enables the users to perform many things to the website. It is not a surprise to find out Sitecore has better usage in coverage, specifically in website categories. Sitecore has been used for several industries including health, finance, business and industry, shopping, and other categories. Meanwhile, Orchard is a popular platform which is mostly used in programming, performing arts, biking and cycling, mobile developers, and other categories. Even though Orchard is less popular compared to Sitecore, it does not mean this platform offers less quality.


  1. Geography

Statistic shows that Sitecore is a leading CMS platform mostly used worldwide including United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Australia, and many other countries. Needless to say, this platform is a prominent option for website developer since it offers a lot of features and convenience. Orchard needs to accept the fact that it is not as popular as Sitecore. And yet, Orchard remains a leading platform in several countries such as Belarus, Latvia, Iran, and other countries.


  1. Market share

Which platform do you think most commonly used by top websites? Yes, the answer is Sitecore. This leading CMS platform is used in top 100K sites, even top 10K sites. On the other hand, Orchard is far behind Sitecore in all market shares. According to statistics, Orchard is only used as much as 0.02% in top 10K sites while Sitecore reaches 0.23%.

Regardless the fact that Sitecore is a leading platform mostly used throughout the world, the users should know that this platform costs money. It is not surprising since Sitecore provides high quality CMS for large organizations worldwide. Whenever you wish to have free platform, Orchard is the best solution to go. Especially if you are a newbie, Orchard is more than enough. In short, with several features to modify and improve digital content, both Sitecore and Orchard are preferable. Simply know your preferences and you will be able to choose one.

What is a mojoPortal CMS?

Many people wondering any better way to build an advanced website. You may need content management system with an ease of access, relevant tools, useful plugins of application and flexible skin customization. Well, mojoPortal is one of free open source CMS platforms. Written in C# programming language, mojoPortal provides rich portal solutions with the level of technical knowledge. This cost-saving CMS also gives better experience at controlling website.

The Advantages of mojoPortal CMS Features

MojoPortal simple management gives an ease of access to any type of user, whether for professional usage, simple blog, or development purpose. It comes with major features to optimize and organize website that will be explained at below section.

  1. Role-based security

With mojoPortal, user can control their role to the website, separate the access of control for viewing or editing contents, and manage per pages. The setting of role-based security will determine user control and give users a better experience of safer controls for website.


  1. Easy content creation

Moreover, each of content you made could be optimized. You can format it, add picture or video, and publish it very easily. Everything inside the web is under your reach. So far, we have contents planned. MojoPortal content editor will help to optimize the interactive contents.


  1. Flexible pages and menus

Editing pages and menus become easy and resulting interactive visuals because of its availability to adjust into web skins. The scale of our website pages and menus wouldn’t be much trouble because of the drag-drop page manager that makes editing become simple.


  1. Content history

With mojoPortal, one content mistake would not be a major problem. This CMS has a content history system that works like a system back up if there is any mistake. We can back up contents into the previous format and compare the old one and newer version.


  1. Search engine optimization

MojoPortal content creator and editing are built in equipped with SEO. Therefore, the contents come out clean and sleek with semantic markup. It’s made our contents optimized for search engine and makes it easy to look through a search engine.


  1. Language Localization

MojoPortal supported into 10 different languages, and developer open to work on the language that does not support into the web. The more diverse the user, there’s bigger possibility for more language to be added.


  1. Internal site search

This allowed your content to get indexed inside internal search service. It gives users an easy access to their contents and everyone else without relying on a bigger search engine.


  1. Content template

The flexibility of mojoPortal allows you saving more times to create a content template from the regular layout.

Well, there are much more useful features we could find in mojoPortal to build an advanced website under simple managing. This CMS always makes sure to stay updated with the latest technology. It also makes your website a mobile-friendly and cross portal site under simple maintenance. It is possible to build an advanced website under its comprehensive features and function.

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Talking about websites, it cannot be separated from the choice of hosting. Hosting will always be needed by the website to make it run and able to be accessed. Related to the hosting, there are Linux hosting and Windows hosting that becomes two dominant platforms. These two are popular and dominants because of functions and performance. When you are going to choose suitable hosting, it is better to make such comparisons between these two platforms of hosting.

Comparison between Linux and Windows Hosting

Windows and Linux hosting are so popular, yet it does not mean that these two are similar. There are some differences and they are what you are going to consider in choosing the suitable hosting. The differences cover many fields, starting from operating system to security system.   

  1. Operating system

Operating system becomes obvious differences. This is because both of them are talking about the system running in servers. From the interface, Windows may be more popular and easy to use since people have been so familiar with this operating system. Therefore, those who have worked with Windows may get shocked when migrating to Linux. On contrary, Linux users will find that Windows interface is easier and simpler.

However, when it comes to the costs, Linux can be better as it is an open source. People can use this operating system for free. This is different from Windows that must be purchased to get licenses. For its compatibility, the apps running in Windows cannot work in Linux and Linux’s apps cannot work in Windows platform.

  1. Functions in hosting and server

In term of function and uses, Linux Hosting can be better option. This platform has been equipped with complete tools that will make users able to manage the web easily. This is quite different from Windows Hosting that still need accesses to server whenever you need to access software.

  1. Security

Security feature is important in web hosting and server. There are many risks that can appear and attack the servers and websites. Talking about the attacks, so far it is proven that Linux is stronger, but Windows hosting is quite vulnerable. Linux is also supported by great reliability that enables many big updates and changes to be done without rebooting the system. In other words, the system of Linux can keep working, and rebooting is not necessary to apply some updates and changes. These are quite different from Windows that always require rebooting.

Those are some comparisons and differences between Linux and Windows hosting. Based on the points of comparisons, Linux may be better choices, especially for those who have got experiences and knowledge in working with hosting and server. Yet, for you who are still beginner, Windows offers easier interface that can be accessed without difficulties. However, when it comes to security and reliability, Linux is better than Windows. By considering those points, you may have better points to determine. In case you are going to make business and websites with some developers to work on it, Linux will be a better choice for your hosting.

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

For a company, website plays important roles, especially for marketing. Many information and updates can be posted or published in the websites, so this becomes easy platform and accesses for company and customers to keep in touch. Related to this, the website must be good and accessible. It should be always easy to open whenever people want to see the contents. To make this happens, good hosting and server are needed since it will be useless to have great design but not supported by hosting and server. Well, there are many options of hosting, and at least people can choose Linux-based and Windows-based. Both of them are popular, but when talking about better efficiency, Linux hosting is better.

Some Ways to Save Costs by Using Linux Hosting

Some people may have questions related to the choice of Linux hosting. The reason lies in the main characteristic of Linux. This is quite different from Windows since Linux uses open source for operating system. Therefore, it can be more effective and affordable since company does not need to by license for the operating system. Moreover, Linux is supported by free applications and software. Almost all its software and apps can be accessed for free. This may be different from Windows that requires users to buy some applications.

Well, it is clear that Linux hosting can be more affordable. However, actually there are still some ways to save the costs. In fact, the costs of Linux hosting can still be lower with efficiency. Of course, this is very suitable for company that always needs efficiency to create bigger profits. There are some ways to do that can be interesting things to pay attention.

  1. Upgrade and modernize the mainframe

Linux always provides updates for free; yet updating its operating system is not enough. When this works for hosting and website, it is important to upgrade the mainframe applications. After all have been migrated to Linux, it is time to modernize and upgrade the core applications. These are needed since the upgraded version provides better performances with higher efficiency.

  1. Run in automation

When the mainframe apps are modernized, now you can automate the mainframe and other infrastructure of the hosting. By doing this, there will be less people to work on the server and hosting. Automation is like the important key for saving the costs. Of course, this still also needs maintenance, but will not be too complicated.

  1. Find web hosting with longer period

Then, the next point is to find longer period of hosting service. There are many providers of Linux hosting, so it is tricky to find the most affordable one. Compared to Windows hosting, Linux may be cheaper, but there are still competitiveness in those providers. You need to consider well about period of services along with features, like RAM, speed, bandwidth and other things.

Those are the points related to Linux hosting and ways to save the costs. There are some points to consider by company, so the expenses for hosting and website can be more efficient. These points are just some of the tips, but will be useful to save costs.