Looking for Fast SSD Cheap Cloud Server?

Starting a website will need good server and hosting. Without server, website cannot exist. Related to this, there are a lot of server providers. Lately, SSD cloud servers start to be so popular. It is because SSD can perform better and faster processing than common hard drive, so it is very possible to get better website with great speed and accessibility. However, most of SSD cloud servers are expensive. As the solutions, there are some references of those SSD cloud servers having quite affordable prices.


Some Options of Fast SSD Cheap Cloud Server


In fact, SSD cloud server performs better and faster processing. Yet, this makes the price higher compared to the common hard drives. However, lately most of the server providers and companies start to migrate the server to SSD cloud servers. Therefore, it is very possible to get competitive and affordable prices. Well, there are some options for you.


  1. com

For your information, it can provide good price for its discount in first month and this can be up to 50%. Then, for SSD space, you can get options starting from 75 GB up to 260 GB. You may also get free access for server management, including the updates and patches. To secure your satisfaction, there is money-back guarantee for the first three months.


  1. com

In addition, Bluehost provides good servers with variation of CPU. For CPU, you can choose from 2 up to 4 cores with capacity of RAM, starting from 4 GB up to 16 GB. With the specific option, you can choose based on performance you need for the web. Related to its price, you can get 50% discount for the first month and money-back discount for first 30 days.


  1. com

This is one of the good options for Windows operating system. It is recommended for you who are going to set the web in high traffic. Then, this company provides free access when you want to migrate the account to this server. About its SSD, there is capacity starting from 50 GB up to 1.6 TB. With this capacity, you can choose based on what you need for the cloud server.


Those are best options that you can choose. All of them provide SSD cloud servers with competitive prices. Even, their price is quite affordable compared to other companies using hard-drive servers.


Of course, you need to make your own choice. You can choose the specific capacity of memory for its SSD. The same case is applied in choosing the core of CPU and RAM. All of those three points will determine the performance. With higher specification, your server can perform better speed and processing, although you will have to pay higher for the services. That’s why good consideration is needed to get the best option in term of price and performance. The other features must also be included in consideration, such as its operating system, access for site migration, and other things since all of them are needed in your website.