FNS outreach efforts highlighted by AARP

How do I apply for NC Food Assistance?A recent article by AARP highlights efforts to reach seniors who face food hardship.  One way of addressing food hardship among seniors and other groups is encouraging them to apply for Food & Nutrition Services (FNS).  FNS participation among seniors is low compared to other groups; only about 30% of eligible seniors receive FNS benefits in North Carolina.  The NC Association of Feeding America Food Banks is helping to enroll seniors (and other eligible groups) in FNS, thereby reducing the need for seniors to decide between purchasing food or paying for utilities or health care.  This outreach is desperately needed, as a new Census poverty measurement reveals that nearly 16% of seniors live in poverty, primarily due to high out-of-pocket medical expenses.



USDA Undersecretary discusses common misconceptions about FNS

USDA Undersecretary Kevin Concannon recently addressed common misconceptions about SNAP (known in North Carolina as Food & Nutrition Services or FNS).  Undersecretary Concannon noted that of the record 44 million Americans receiving SNAP benefits, more than half are children, elderly, and the disabled.  The increase in SNAP participation is due in large part to the harsh economic conditions that continue to make it difficult for Americans to put enough food on the table.  In addition to easing food hardship for those that receive SNAP, the program benefits us all, as it is estimated that for every $5 in new SNAP benefits, about $9 in economic activity is generated.  Undersecretary Concannon further states that USDA has taken successful steps to reduce fraud and ensure payment accuracy.  To read the full article in the Stokes News, click here.