Online Shopping Safe?

Is Online Shopping Safe?

With the availability of internet these days, a lot of people tend to shop online from home rather than actually going shopping and getting stuff from a store. Shopping online is considered to be simpler and more convenient for most people, especially those who love staying home and do everything via the internet. However, is online shopping really safe? Figure out about it right now.

How to Stay Safe When Online Shopping?

There are actually quite a lot of risks of shopping online. It is because the internet is where everyone can be anyone they want, including becoming bad person who scams other people and get advantages (mostly money) from other people, too. How to stay safe during the process of online shopping anyway? The answer is down below.

  1. Shop at Well-Established E-Commerce Websites

In order to remain safe while shopping online, just rely on the well-established e-commerce websites. Sites like Amazon and E-bay has been there on the internet for decades. Surely enough they have been protected by strong security system that minimizes the possibility of its visitor to get scammed, hacked, or cheated.

  • Avoid Choosing Rock-Bottom Prices

When you are shopping online on a website, there will be several different people or shops offering the same product. Do not choose the rock-bottom price of the product. In other words, do not choose the cheapest price, especially when the lowest price is way below the average price. Why so? It is because it can be, like 90% of the time, a scam. Try to use your common sense here and browse for the real price of the product offline.

  • Do Not Send Any Personal Information

If you are shopping online and the online store contact you, like via instant chat or something, and ask for your personal information, do not give it up so easily. Make sure you know what they are going to do with the personal information.

Personal information here is including your social security number, your credit card information, the detail of your address, and so on. If they say it is to complete the transaction, be very aware because normally a transaction does not require too personal information. So, it can be a scam.

  • Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi When Shopping

Public Wi-Fi is a dangerous kind of internet connection to use when online shopping. It does not have any strong encryption and security system to keep your data and personal information safe. This is the main reason why you do not use this kind of connection to shop online. If you have to, though, select a VPN (virtual private network) connection. It is considerably safer there.

Now it is quite clear how you can remain safe during the online shopping process. Considering that there are scams, frauds, and other bad stuff still frequently happens during online shopping process, keep your eyes on everything you during the transactions. The most important thing is probably not to get tempted by everything that sounds too good to be true.

Why You Should Go to HTTPS from HTTP

Why You Should Go to HTTPS from HTTP

If you access website, you will see lock icon at address bar on browser. After you click it, there is signature and information that explains the website is secure. In website domain, you see additional https before the domain name itself. On next tab, you can open another website, but the icon is unlocked and no https but http. What is difference in that name? Why you should go to https from http? The answers are explained in the following sections.

Knowing Deeper about Https and Http Protocol

HTTP is hypertext transfer protocol that helps to communicate between client, browser, and server. This protocol recognizes what client requests then sends the task via browser to server. After receiving the task, the server sends package to client that’s displayed in browser. This is common type of communication in internet. On the other side, there is a risk for sniffing from outsider while the package is transferring. To secure through reliable certificate, you need to change http into https.

  1. Http and https

Both have the same basic function, but https is better in term of transferring data and user authorization. The word S after http means secure. At beginning, communication protocol relied on SSL to connect between client and server. However, this technology was lack of security measure, especially for transferring sensitive data. Therefore, SSL is upgraded to be TSL or Transport Layer Security for https. SSL only works on socket, but TSL will control the road to ensure the data is secured while transferring from server to client and vice versa.

  • Security and capability

As it mentioned above, https is better in term of security aspect. For your information, technology was developed to apply in financial transaction. When you access bank account, the protocol is specific, and no one can see your activity even for ISP. Based on this idea, that security protocol is expanded into wide and vast implementation at common website.

  • Authorized certificate

You may create website, but there is no https in your domain. In order to obtain https and locked icon, your website and domain needs authorized certificate. In simple term, you should apply to get https because security protocol is not free. In fact, this is the reason why most websites still have http instead of https. Technology to secure data and communication comes from proprietary source. However, several organizations provide free limited TSL certificate to websites.

  • Update technology

Old browser cannot encrypt the date from TSL and https. If you still have them, it is strongly recommended to update immediately. Moreover, internet technology advanced significantly, and https extends its capability on mobile application. Therefore, you need to adjust with the latest technology to survive.

Having https is better than http without losing the website capability. If your website provides sensitive information and high-risk data, https is the best way to secure it. You invest at first but receive benefits for long term. The certificate is updated regularly in order to keep everything in secure level. That’s why https becomes more common for today website. For the old ones, changing is inevitable that has to be considered to keep the users and viewers.

Increase the Website Security with Bitninja

Increasing Website Hosting Security with Bitninja

Website Hosting security become big issues. As the growth of websites and services by using internet connections, the threats and problems also grow. Because of this condition, common protection will not be strong and effective enough to protect or fight against some serious threats. So far, there are many facts showing these. That’s why there is big demand of better security and protection for website. In this case, there is BitNinja to offer the services.

Some features of Protection from BitNinja

It is one of the new security providers for websites and domains. Recently, there are many providers and website owners who start to use the service from BitNinja. Of course, these are caused by great performance of this security provider. It has great anti-malware that makes it perfect in dealing with threats. There are also some defense and protection mechanisms. All of the features are offered some points.

  1. Scan and sweeps malicious malwares

This does not seem special. It is because other security and anti-malware providers also do the same mechanism in dealing with threats and malware. However, it involves different mechanism and it is proven more effective in detecting and cleaning the malware and viruses.

In dealing with the threats, the feature involves mechanism of honeypot. It does not simply scan, detect, and delete the malwares. However, it can also lure the attackers, so it is harder to break the security systems. These are very useful for the sake of protection and preventions. Even, this provider is able to create a system that can block the IPs. Therefore, some recognized and potential malicious IPs will not get access and blocked.

  • Malware Removal

After scanning, detecting, and building protection, of course it should also have good system to remove the malware. In this case, BitNinja provides the system that does not only focus on the removal process, but it also keeps updating the database and malware definitions for further detections. The process runs automatically in the background. However, it still can be managed and the processes can be conducted manually.

  • Creating Firewall

It is not just a simple firewall that can be attacked easily. The firewall gives full protection from the malware and other threats. Moreover, the system also scans and monitors various server logs and providers to know the potential threats.

  • Checking and Valuing the IP Reputation

Compared to other features, it is one of the best one. The system and mechanism from BitNinja is able to check and monitor the CAPTCHA. This is the effective way to prevent the bots in taking controls and detecting the fake or malicious sites. Moreover, the system creates database from all server protected by BitNinja. By creating database and collecting the data, all information of attackers can be obtained to create prevention and list of reputation. These reputations will determine the actions conducted by the BitNinja.

  • Protection in the DoS Level

This is the last feature. The system creates DoS detection and establishes the proper protection based on the scanning and analysis. There is also Antiflood as another defense mechanism. This will make sure the attackers cannot spot the weakness of BitNinja system, so it is hard to get the system infiltrated. Those are some mechanisms created by BitNinja in protecting the websites and hostings. Servers can be fully secured because of those layers of features. With all of these benefits, there will be no threats and malware to worry about.

Is Free SSL Safe to Use?

Using free SSL is the ultimate choice to give protection to a website. This decision is often taken by website owners who have limited budget for their websites. It is probably because the website is still small and still developing. Using free SSL means that they do not have to pay for anything in order to get the certificate.

Free SSL Safety and Limitations

Free stuff is not always good and safe. Free SSL is thought to be that way, too. However, is it true? Well, it heavily depends on the SSL certificate itself. When you are lucky enough to get your hand on free SSL certificate developed by professional companies, the certificate is probably safe and secured. Find out more information about it down below.

  1. The Safety Feature of Free SSL

The safety feature of free SSL is usually located on its data requirement. You do not want to leak out your entire personal data on a free SSL. However, in general free SSL is quite safe to use. As long as the certificate is proven to be legitimate and not a form of spam, you can enjoy the benefits of using SSL with no cost at all, but of course the features are going to be very limited.

  • The Limitations of Free SSL

Talking about the limitations of free SSL, there are quite a lot of things that a paid SSL can do and the free one cannot. After all, it is always understandable that the paying one is going to be more advanced and beneficial than the free one. Some of the biggest limitations of free SSL can be seen below.

  • Cannot Secure Credit Card and Payment

Even when the Secure Sockets Layers certificate that you gain for free is safe to use, most of them cannot secure credit card and payment. Securing real money and transactions needs more advanced feature and usually the free version does not have one. That is why free SSL is not suitable to be used in an e-commerce website or any website with frequent money transactions.

  • Validate the Domain Only

When you get the paid SSL, the padlock icon will keep appearing on the address bar all the time. It does not happen with the free SSL. The free SSL gives you safety and allow the padlock to appear on the main domain (landing page). However, it may disappear on the later pages.

  • Limited Period of Time

Most of free SSL certificate lasts for 90 days only. You will have to extend the protection by getting or upgrading the shield to the paid version or you will have to get a new free one from somewhere else. This can be inconvenient, especially when the website is visited by a lot of people per day.
In conclusion, SSL certificate that can be gained for free is still safe to use. However, there are quite a lot of limitations that they have. If you do not want to get bothered by the limited features, do not use the free one. You can get the paid version of SSL instead.

What is Free SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers. It is a sort of encryption used in websites to make sure the information and data exchanges can be done securely. When a website is completed and protected by SSL certificate, there will be a padlock icon on the address bar. SSL certificate comes in two versions: the paid version and the free version.

Everything to Understand about Free SSL

This time, we are going to talk about the free SSL. Everyone loves free stuff, including website owners. Those who own websites but do not have the sufficient amount of money to protect the sites with paid, legitimate SSL certificate can try using the free one. It works almost similarly but of course has certain limitations. Here is more information about it.

  1. The Definition

Free SSL can be defined as Secure Sockets Layers certificate that can be gained and applied to a website with no cost at all. The certificate is usually available on several websites on the internet. Website owners just have to download the files and apply the certificate on their own website. The download process is straightforward and does not need any payment.

  • The Benefits

Even when the SSL is free, there are still a lot of benefits that the website owner can get. To convince you to complete a site with a SSL, here are several benefits that people will get when their website is displaying that padlock icon which means that the website has been protected by SSL, although it is the free one only.

  • Website Becomes More Secured

The first good thing that will happen to a website when it is protected by SSL is the fact that the website is going to be more secured. The main function of a SSL is making sure that all data traffic and information are all kept down privately. There will be no way that the data and information will get easily leaked and hacked by unwanted parties when SSL certificate is in use.

  • Boost Website Values

The values of the website will be better in the visitors’ eyes when you have the website completed by that padlock icon. The visitors will feel that they are safer in your website. They do not have to be worried about their personal information and data to be stolen or hacked.

  • Prevent the Website to be Hacked

There are a lot of bad people out there who want to do evil stuff from websites, including spreading viruses on it or using it to scam people and get money. That is why a website must be protected by extra shield to prevent them from doing the deed. SSL certificate is just what you need for that purpose.

Now, you know everything about free SSL. Even when it is free, the SSL certificate can still be used to protect the website from data leaks and protect the personal information in it as well. This is the reason why you need to add the padlock icon of SSL icon on the address bar. There are a lot of good stuff coming out with that protection.

Top 5 Features of WordPress

WordPress is believed to be versatile and powerful software nowadays. Indeed, it offers something that’s very astonishing: free website creation. What will be better about it? Technology is growing rapidly that you might not realize how far it has moved forward. It seems that there is always something new every single day. It is no doubt as you live in technology era. People are competing to sell stuff, share information, discuss issues, and more through website. This is what WordPress can provide people’s needs: powering website.


Knowing What Features to Be Featured In Your Website


WordPress is not that different compared to other software. It has features that enable users to explore more. All of them are worth to try if you are curious about what they look like in your website. However, it is best to look for the explanation of each feature. It can help you decide what features to be featured in the website.


You may ask why many people love this software. Firstly, it is easy to use, even for the beginners. In addition, you can use all of the features for free. Yes, you are not mistaken since it is free to create website that’s powered by WordPress. Speaking of features, here are top five features of the software.


  1. Fast page load

WordPress enables users to load their website fast. This is what people love for sure. There are many websites that load very slowly. In order to avoid this inconvenience, this software has content delivery networks, proxy servers, disk caching, and database. All of them are combined that it makes the users can access the website fast. It is such a good way.


  1. Website maintenance plan

It is no doubt that there are people who intend to hack website created by WordPress. As you can see, WordPress is used by huge number of people. This is what make this software is targeted to be hacked. Therefore, the website maintenance plan is necessary when it comes to things that are connected online. In order to give full protection to users, WordPress has automated SSL certificates, automatic backups, threat detection, and global CDN certificate.


  1. Google search console

Have you heard this before? Well, you should have heard it by now. This is a service that enables you to see you website’s ranking, flagged issues, and site health. This is one of best features you must use.


  1. Google analytics tracking

This feature will show the number of visitors, and their actions. It is important to have, moreover if your writing is about reviews. At least, you need to know what the visitors do in your website.


  1. SEO optimization

This one is a must-installed-feature. It can help boosting the website to the very first page of Google search. It will be great if your websites can be seen by many people, right?


That’s all the top features that you must try in your website. All of them are useful when you are having a website. Hope it can inspire you.