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Looking for Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting?

Why should share a server while you can have one dedicated to your business? Instead of sharing a server, this option is much preferable for some reasons. With dedicated one, you are allowed to concentrate of what you are going to build. The server space provided by hosting provided is commonly offered in different rates ranging from $45 up to $250. The rate depends on the size as well as extra things that you probably need for the business.

What is the difference between shared server and dedicated server? Typically dedicated server requires a lot of storage as well as power, especially if you build an enterprise website. It also uses different processor servers. The more processor you have, the more power you need. Dedicating hosting also provides some features including control panels, security software, applications, malware scanning, and many others. If you are looking for powerful dedicated server hosting, this is the right place for you.

Recommended Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Talking about dedicated server hosting, there are several choices to go. Each provider comes with plus and minus that can be listed as your consideration. Now, make your list of preference and decide whether or not these dedicated server provider are worth-choosing.

  1. Seekdotnet

Seekdotnet  provides both Windows-based and Linux-based dedicated server. There are many benefits that you can get web getting a dedicated server hosting with Seekdotnet. This hosting provider has different plans and configurations that can be chosen according to your need, such as single processor and multi processors Dedicated Server. When purchasing plan from Seekdotnet, 24/7 Livechat Customer Service are included for free.

  1. HostGator

Another dedicated server provider which is popular throughout the world is HostGator. It comes with hosting options which can meet your requirements. The hosting provider offers several features including data transfers, RAM, and SSD storage. Good news, it also supports unlimited data transfer which is better compared to the other hosting provider. HostGator provides Linux and Windows dedicated server. It also allows you to customize the language. About the price, HostGator is more affordable with Value Server plan which starts from $119 per month up to Enterprise Server plan that starts at $149.

  1. InMotion
    Whenever you are looking for dedicated server hosting with huge storage, InMotion is what you are looking for. InMotion provides hosting server with 3TB of storage which operates with Linux-based web server. Another impressive thing is the fact that InMotion provides 64GB of RAM while the other providers only run with 16GB. Talking about the price, this hosting provider offers affordable price starting from $99.99 per month for Essential Plan. The most expensive plan starts at $229.99 per month with Elite Plan.

    Which dedicated server provider will work best for you? Before fall your decision, set up your preference and needs. If you do, you will find it is easier to choose hosting server that meets your requirements.

  2. Liquid Web
    Liquid web provides both Windows-based and Linux-based dedicated server. There are many benefits that you can get, the most important is Liquid web does not offer shared hosting therefore all plans you purchase are dedicated hosting. This hosting provider has different plans and configurations that can be chosen according to your need, such as single processor that starts at $199 per month to high-end which rates at $859 per month. When purchasing plan from Liquid Web, it is a peace of mind because you can get 24/7 customer support.
  3. Jakartawebhosting
    As a special mention, if you need dedicated server hosting from Asia region such as singapore and Indonesia, we can recommend Jakartawebhosting dedicated server hosting . Similar as the above hosting provider they also provides both Windows-based and Linux-based dedicated server. All hosting comes with 24/7  customer support  via phone, ticketing and live chat

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Company in 2018

Choosing WordPress for website is a smart move. Now, you only need to consider one thing: the hosting company. To run WordPress-based website, of course you need the service of a hosting company that provides WordPress hosting. Without this service, it is impossible to run the website smoothly. That is why it is mandatory for you to choose the best hosting company for WordPress-based website.

The Key Aspects to Choose WordPress Hosting Companies

For your information, there are numerous hosting companies out there that can give the plan for your website. How to choose the best one? Well, there are several key aspects that you must consider. Here are some of them.

  1. Price of the Plans

Most people’s first consideration in choosing everything is probably the price. It is not a sin to consider this particular aspect when choosing WordPress hosting company. It is understandable that not everyone has huge budget to get a hosting service. Therefore, you need to consider the price of plans the hosting company offers. Make sure the company understands that your website needs space to grow and hence you need lots of features. If the cost to get hosting packages is a bit too high, make sure it accommodates all you need. If it doesn’t, go looking for other plans from another company.


  1. Security Aspect

In fact, running a website on internet requires strong security system. Everything becomes prone when it is exposed on the internet for sure. So, you need to make sure you choose the hosting provider that provides strong security system and basically has every security aspect needed to protect your data and privacy. Some of protection systems that should be provided by the hosting company are including DDos (Distributed Denial of Service), automated backup system, and firewall.


  1. Customer Service Support

It is not in everyone’s game to easily troubleshoot WordPress problems. In this case, you need a strong backup to solve these problems. Choose a hosting provider that give customer service or support staff for 24/7. It is great if they can let you talk to knowledgeable WordPress expert every time a problem occurs. You need to make sure that they can solve problems like internal server errors and issues of compatibility easily.

  1. Good Reputation

It is impossible for anyone to choose something without finding out its reviews. You need to do the same when it comes to hosting provider. Do not choose a hosting company with bad customer reviews. Choose one with positive reviews all the way through. If many people are satisfied with the service, there is big possibility that you will be satisfied as well.

Now, you know the mandatory considerations in choosing a hosting company for website. You are already in the right path of choosing WordPress as the foundation of your website. All you need to do now is choosing the right hosting company, so you can run the sites smoothly and won’t make you encounter too many problems along the way.

What is a WordPress?

This platform has been known for years and it has a lot of users. If you are into writing online, you must have heard WordPress since it is one of top blogs. In addition, it allows you to make your own website. It simplifies people who want to make a website, but don’t want to pay for that. Even though, you have to pay for some money if you want to go with the Now, let’s dig deeper the information about this platform.


Learn More about WordPress


You have been given a brief overview about WordPress. In this section, let’s talk more about the platform. As mentioned above, you can make your own website with a help of this platform. Everyone is able to use and even modify the software with no money at all. You do not need to know programming in order to make a website. Furthermore, you can create various website using this platform. For example, you can create eCommerce stores, portfolios, forums, membership sites, business websites, blogs, resumes, social networks, and many more.


Now, have you known that there are and Do you know the difference between those two? As information, there are two domains. They are different in some ways. In short, is a free platform that you can use. It is also called as self-hosted WordPress. Another version is the paid version for profit. Although it is simple, it has lesser flexibility compared to the first version.


Moreover, users can be big businesses, individuals, and more. In addition, the famous entities even use WordPress to power their website. Who are they? You can mention Microsoft,, and also The Rolling Stone website. It is incredible, right? If you are interested in using this platform, here are reasons why you should use this. Check them out below.


  • Users friendly

The phrase “users friendly” seems to be common reason that refers to software. Indeed, technology users believe that it is important that the applications are users friendly. WordPress is like that. You can install it easily and create a website that you need. Again, the tools that are provided are easy to understand and use. It is very friendly to those who are completely beginners.


  • Free to have

As mentioned above, it is free for you who want to create website using this platform. This is what moves people to use it massively. You can enjoy all the features that are offered. Additionally, it is also open-source software. There are various plugins and themes you can select anytime.


  • This platform is extensible

As mentioned before, you can modify your website. The modification is supported by the existence of plugins and themes.


If you think that it is quite difficult in the beginning, it is totally fine. You can still go to the help section provided by WordPress and look for solutions of things that confuse you. What do you think by now? Are you ready to use WordPress? You should have been ready for this.

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

Benefits of Website Hosting in Linux

How to Save Cost by Using Linux Hosting for Company Website

Who does not know Linux? It is one of many notable operating systems that exist in this world. Linux was built by a student of University of Helsinki, Linus Torvalds. It is an open source operating system, so we are able to customize the system according to our taste and need. Well, Linux has chosen by many businesses and computer users because of its versatility. Furthermore, this article will talk about some benefits of website hosting in Linux. What are the benefits? Stay tune!

Linux for Web Hosting, is It Reliable?

As we have known, web hosting plays a crucial role in business’ growth. It will make one company looks trustworthy. However, in order to create a well-established web hosting, it takes lots of costs and a solid operating skill. Linux comes with a web hosting feature as a solution for newly initiated companies to host a website. Here are the plus points of Linux website hosting.

  1. Linux Web Hosting is a user-friendly web hosting application

For those who are about to start building a website, Linux will not make you overwhelm because of its user-friendliness. You will not have a hard time installing Linux. It is a perfect operating system for all beginners out there. If one day you have a difficulty operating Linux, you will backed up with maximum support from Linux programmers.


  1. It is flexible

One amusing thing coming from Linux is its flexibility. Since it is a flexible operating system, you are allowed to have only some programs that your website really needs the most, so your memory will not much consumed because of unnecessary applications. Moreover, the memory can be used to any other file types.


  1. Linux Web Hosting gives maximum performance of its function

By using Linux, your website will not experience the thing called “down time” or “freezing”. Linux is able to ensure that your website always performs in a stable manner. In addition, it is equipped with well-performed applications that ready to support the website’s performance.

  1. It is an affordable web hosting service

As mentioned above, web hosting program can really consume much cost. In the mean time, Linux comes to solve this problem by its openness. This open-source system enables us to use it without spending a lot of cash. It is a great option for all small and newly built businesses. Now, the cost is not an obstacle by using a web hosting service by Linux.

From this article, we have acquainted with the web hosting service of Linux and the importance of website for companies. Linux has a great commitment to support companies to improve the performance by providing the maximum support for your web hosting. Then, since it is supported with well-performed apps, your website surely will not reach the “down time” period. The flexibility is one of advantages that you can get from Linux. After that, all these great features can be enjoyed with an affordable cost. Just upgrade your business with Linux hosting, now!