ATM supports EBT program at Carrboro Farmers’ Market


The Carrboro Farmers’ Market is increasing access to fresh, local produce for FNS households.  For the past several years, the market has encouraged FNS households to use their EBT cards at the market.  The market recently installed an ATM machine, and fees from the machine are funding the EBT program.  Read the full story from The Herald-Sun.  Read about a proposed bill to expand EBT acceptance at farmers’ markets at North Carolina Health News.

USDA visits NC State Farmers’ Market

USDA Under Secretary Kevin Concannon visited the State Farmers’ Market in Raleigh this week.  Increasingly, more and more farmers’ markets throughout the country are accepting EBT cards, benefitting both FNS households and local farmers.  A new grant opportunity will make it possible for 4,000 additional farmers’ markets to begin accepting EBT cards.  Read an article from the News & Observer, and click here to watch a short video featuring Under Secretary Concannon.

EBT at Carrboro Farmers’ Market a success!

The Carrboro Farmers’ Market began accepting EBT cards in May 2010 and has seen great success!  Their Market Match program has doubled the spending power of EBT users.  Read more from the Chapel Hill News article.

Carrboro Farmers’ Market matching food stamp dollars

For a limited time, the Carrboro Farmers’ Market in Orange County is matching food stamp dollars up to $20.  So, folks who use their EBT cards at the market will receive up to an additional $20 to use at the market, meaning twice the great fresh produce!  To learn more, visit the Carrboro Farmers’ Market website.

Carrboro Farmers’ Market now accepting EBT cards

The Carrboro Farmers’ Market in Orange County will begin accepting EBT cards beginning May 1st.  This is a positive step forward during a time when households are increasingly struggling to put food on the table.  Read more about this new effort in the Independent Weekly and the Chapel Hill News.